Privacy Policy

Jabcil Leads collects certain private information for the specific reason of processing a secure payment online. The information collected is not sold, provided or even stored on Jabcil Leads server. For more information on how we utilize your personal infomation, please contact us at

Refund Policy

During a purchase of leads, the customer understands that they are purchasing leads, not sales. We make no warrenty to the validy of the leads we sell and do not garrentee sales. We will glady refund any order that has gone past 48 hours without leads being delivered, not counting weekends. Refunds are processed weekdays between 9am - 5pm CST. If you have any questions on our refund policy, please email


Jabcil leads has a very high conversion rate. However, we are NOT responsible for leads that DO NOT turn out into sales. Furthermore, Jabcil leads IS NOT responsible nor we are affiliated with the leads you are provided therefore any negotiation regarding money is strictly out of Jabcil leads hands. We will honor a refund if we do not meet our leads deadline within 48 hours of your due date. We are here to help and Jabcil leads thanks you for your business.