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Terms and Conditions

By signing up for Jabcil, you agree to all the terms and conditions below. Jabcil has put a lot of resources towards creating some of the most innovative tools in the industry although we make no guarantee that our products or services will produce results or generate money. Jabcil will not be held responsable for any missuse of our system such as sending of spam, or fraudlant use of our affiliate program. Jabcil reserves the right to cancel your account at any time for any reason without cause or notice and without refund of any fees paid.

Recurring Subscription Terms and Conditions
By signing up for any of our recurring plans, you agree and understand that we will charge your card either weekly or monthly depending on the plan you choose. You understand that to cancel this subscription, you must contact customer support by phone and request a cancelation of your account. No refunds are given when you cancel your account.

Privacy Policy

All information collected by JABCIL Leads will not be sold to any 3rd party at any time. All information collected will be used only for internal use by JABCIL staff only.

Refund Policy

If at any time you feel like you have not received the quality of service you expected, please contact us using the form in your account. After speaking with us, if you feel we have not made the situation right, we will refund the amount you paid for any services. Refunds can only be issued for services and products purchased within 3 days. Any issues to products and services outside of that timeframe can be given credit for future products and services. Please understand that all refund requests require you to explain why you feel you need a refund, please understand that we will not issue any refunds for previously paid product or service due to change in a personal finance position or personal emergancy. We will be more than happy to cancel your account for the future.

Shipping Policy

Most of our products and services are digital and will be delivered instantly (Access to your Response Account) or with a 24 hour processing time (Call Center Leads). Our Postcards do require a processing and shipping time of 7-10 days. Please understand that this time is standard across the industry. Please do not request a refund within this shipping period.
Acceptance and Approval of Use of Electronic Check

I fully understand and agree to allow Jabcil Leads and their agents to process one time and recurring payments that I agree to through the use of an electronic check draw on the bank account I have submitted above. I give permission for Jabcil Leads and its agents to process an electronic check on this account until I expressly request to cancel my account.

By Signing in the box below, I accept that I fully understand and accept all the conditions set above. A copy of these terms with my signature will be sent to your email above after signup.

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I agree to be charged $5 now and $5 monthly

Jabcil leads has a very high conversion rate. However, we are NOT responsible for leads that DO NOT turn out into sales. Furthermore, Jabcil leads IS NOT responsible nor we are affiliated with the leads you are provided therefore any negotiation regarding money is strictly out of Jabcil leads hands. If you are not satified with our service, please contact us at info@jabcilleads.com and we will make things right. We are here to help and Jabcil leads thanks you for your business.
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